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If you have questions about orthopedic procedures you can always give us a call. However, we have prepared some videos that might address some of the basic questions and concerns you might have. Plus, it’s a good way to see some of our staff and our state-of-the-art facilities at Community Hospital.

What Is A Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

In this video segment, Dr. Ryan Nelson talks about reverse total shoulder replacement surgery and what patients are candidates for that type of procedure.

The Basics Of Total Shoulder Replacement

In this video segment, Dr. Ryan Nelson talks about what patients can expect from total shoulder replacement surgery and who might be a candidate for this type of procedure..

An Introduction To The Shoulder & Orthopedic Institute

The following video is an introduction to Dr. Ryan Nelson and The Shoulder & Orthopedic Institute in Edmond and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dr. Nelson is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and one of the only orthopedic doctors to specialize in shoulders and shoulder reconstruction.

Community Hospital In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In this video, Ryan Nelson, D.O. talks about the surgical facility at Community Hospital and what you can expect if your treatment requires surgery. Community Hospital on Broadway Extension in Oklahoma City boasts a state-of-the-art facility designed for your comfort, convenience and healing.

Dr. Nelson Featured In KOCO/ABC News Segment

Dr. Ryan Nelson was interviewed by KOCO’s Crystal Price for an ongoing investigative series on opioid addiction. In this video segment, Dr. Nelson talks with Crystal about his use of Exparel, an alternative to opioids in post operative pain management. He also discusses the success of many patients who didn’t need a narcotic to manage their post-op pain.

What Is A Physician’s Assistant?

Madison Williams, PA-C is featured in Dr. Nelson’s video “What Is A Physician’s Assistant?” where she talks about a PA’s education and their role in a patient’s diagnosis and treatment. Whether you need physical therapy or a total shoulder replacement, you will likely see Maddy working alongside Dr. Nelson throughout the treatment process.

A Patient Success Story

Before meeting Dr. Nelson, Charli was suffering from both shoulder and knee problems. Learn more about Charli’s journey to a happier, pain free life.